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Career @ Coquina

Career at Coquina is an exciting adventure. We are a community with diversity in religion, culture and nationality. We encourage our team mates (not employees) to explore their deepest desires and aspirations and collectively we convert these aspirations and desires into worthwhile and profitable products with all the credits to the originator.
Our new office is beautifully, breathtakingly designed to spark every imaginative and creative atom in YOU. The Staff are friendly, kind and we always work collectively as a team to help our customers, encourage our Staff and meet the vision of the company.

How To Apply

All applications to fill positions in Coquina MUST be through our web site. We don't accept hard copy applications. To apply, check through the list of available positions and pick a position that best describes you, your capabilities and of which you meet the minimum requirements. Update your profile and upload all relevant documents and apply.

Application Process

A typical application process at Coquina spans 5 stages and will take a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 30 days to complete.

Our AI Robot verifies that you meet the minimum requirements for the vacancy you are applying to before you can submit your application.

Our Staff further checks that the application is made to a relevant position and meets the minimum requirements.

The applicant will be referred to our test provider to test your Numerical and Qualitative Abilities.

You will partake in a phone interview with a Staff of Coquina.

You will be invited to Coquina for a one-on-one interview with a Staff of Coquina.

The applicant will receive an email detailing our decision at most 48 hours after completing all the stages.

Good Luck!!